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Yenbo Nkomo: Traits men look out for in women for marriage

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Many men and women tend to date all kinds of people at some point in their lives, but when it comes to choosing a life partner, both sexes look out for some specific qualities in the other before making that life-long commitment. You often hear women say “I am waiting for Mr. Right”. Men also talk about wanting to settle down with the bone of their bone, in reference to the biblical story of how God created woman, using the rib bone of the man.

For a man, a wife (not a girlfriend) is someone that fits into his life like the missing rib, completes him, and ready is to stand by him and ride the waves of life with him; indeed, someone who will be there for better and for worse.

Generally, men look for women who will help them plan their lives, pick them up when they are down and also willing to deliver and mother their children. So for men, women who only focus on spending the man’s money on herself is not a wife material.

But the bone of one man’s bone may not necessarily be the bone of another man’s. So what are unique things men look out for in choosing who they finally settle down with for better, for worse? In other words, who is the right woman for each man?

Adom 106.3 FM talk show, Yenbo Nkomo, hosted by TV and radio diva Maame Yeboah Aseidu (aka Maame Gold) talks to an all-male panelist on some of the traits they look out for in women for marriage.

To the surprise of the other panelists, Oboadea said he likes women with stretch marks, adding that it actually turns him on, and he knows some who men like it too.

He however stated that beyond the vital statistics, he also wants a woman who will respect him, a family-oriented person, and someone who can relate well with his family and friends.

“I do not like women who are too submissive – women who agree to everything a man says are not my type – at least a woman should be able to challenge me on certain issues,” he said.

Another popular radio personality, Owusu Ansah, aka OPD said he simply likes fair women with big boobs, who are also God-fearing, and not timid.

Like Oboadea, OPD said he also likes women who are family-oriented, supportive and caring.

He believes that a woman should be able to support her husband financially when the need arises.

Osofo Gyadibia, aka Fire Man quoted from the Bible saying a man who finds a good wife finds a good thing, but his first attraction to a woman is her height.

The pastor also said he likes a woman who is supportive, and responsible in terms of taking care of the home.

But things turned a bit controversial when another panelist and popular media personality and DJ Andy Dosty said he needs to stay with a woman for one year in the same house before he can decide to marry her or not.

All the other panelists turned into moralists and spoke vehemently against that, pointing out that it is immoral and unacceptable in any culture and or religion.

Yenbo Nkomo comes on every Tuesday between 8:30pm and 10pm on Adom FM.

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