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Shocking!!! Prophet Badu Kobi’s son’s dead body found under his church building

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Founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Ministry Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has been exposed in a viral audio circulating on social media that he’s responsible for his son’s demise.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi lost his 19-year-old son Daniel Kenneth Badu Kobi after a short illness.

He was buried on the 2nd December 2017 at Garden of Peace, Lashibi.

After his son’s burial, there have been numerous rumours concerning Prophet Badu Kobi son’s death.

Some Ghanaians think he sacrificed his son in exchange for power, others think otherwise.

Prophet Badu Kobi appeared on numerous Television stations claims his son’s death was a test from God, he then had a 3 days conversion and in one of the conversions, he explained that there was a plot to kill him so it was either his son does or he dies.click here to read more

Well, on the contrary, a circulating audio trending on social media proves That prophet Badu Kobi might have really exchanged his son for powers.

In the said audio two unknown presenters accused the man of God of burying his son’s corpse under his church.

According to the said audio, after burying his son, he refused to cover the grave, he later went there with a pickup car at dawn to uproot the corpse and buried it under his church. They prove they have evidence but it was not attached to the audio.

They made so many allegations against the man of God.

Listen to the audio below:


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