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HOT VIDEO: Woman who called Emelia Brobbey prostitute apologises

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Watch Cocoa Butter Broni apologise in the video below:

Nana Frema Denteh also known as Cocoa Butter Broni, unable to stand the heat of curses rained on her by Emelia Brobbey’s mother for accusing her daughter of prostitution, has come out to apologise.

 In a video that went viral on social media, Nana Frema Denteh who lives in the United States of America sat in the comfort of her home and called Emelia Brobbey a prostit*te and drunkard.

The video below contains Cocoa Butter Broni’s allegation’s:

Emelia Brobbey’s mother who was heartbroken after watching the video rained curses on Cocoa Butter Broni for her damning allegations against her daughter.

Below is the reaction of Emelia’s mother:

In the latest video, Cocoa Butter Broni has retracted her words, apologised and asked for forgiveness from the actress, entrepreneur and television presenter.

According to Cocoa Butter Broni, all her allegations were ignited by Emelia Brobbey for trying to make fun of Nana Ama McBrown over her marriage brouhaha.



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