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“We Threw Dying Amissah Arthur Into The Back Of A Pick Up Because There Was No Ambulance”–Okyehene Amoatia Ofori Panin II Discloses

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The former Vice-president, Kwesi Bekoe Amissah Arthur is dead but his death could have been avoided if we had proper health care systems in this country. Sadly, he also couldn’t do much when he was a leader and suffered the consequence and we are just hoping his death would be a wake-up call for our leaders to finally grasp why there is a need for them to fix our health care system especially considering the circumstances under which the former vice-president was transported to the hospital as according to the Okyehene.

The Okyehene Amoatia Ofori Panin II has disclosed that there was no ambulance to move the former vice president after he collapsed at the Airforce Gym on Friday, 29 June 2018 during one of his usual workout sessions. The Paramount chief of the Akuem Abuakwa Traditional Council revealed that he was working out in the same gym when the incident happened as they have been doing that as friends for the past 14 years.

“As it’s been for 14 years, any time I go there [gym], I meet my friend and we’ll talk, shake hands … and then go to our different machines…”, he told an audience.

According to him, as the two of them worked out separately, “… I heard ‘bang’! Three women in the gym were screaming, I left my machine and went and there lay my friend trying to find some air to breathe.

“We gathered around him and pumped his heart as hard as we could, yelled out his name; his wife was calling out: ‘Jesus, save him!’ I just said: ‘Call the ambulance, let’s take him to the hospital’.

“There were about seven, eight of us, and something dawned on me: When we took him out, there was no ambulance, there was no car, we threw the former vice-president in the back of a pick-up and drove off to 37.

“At this moment, I went back to the gym and everybody had departed. The place was empty. I just went and got my towel and my phone, called my driver to take me home.

“I was waiting so anxiously on the phone to hear if somebody will call and say that he’s alright. The call came, and Boakye, the trainer in the gym said Osagyefo, he didn’t make it. The vice-president is dead”, the revered chief narrated.

It’s just sad that this has to happen to someone who was once a Vice-President. What do we expect when a population of 29 million, there are only about 55 working ambulances in the country—That’s why Trump said we are a sh*t hole country.

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