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Gina Blay Receives Applause Over Kente Dress

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Renowned Ghanaian journalist and diplomat, Mrs Gina Blay has been receiving interesting accolades on social media over her unique display of Ghana’s Kente in a snowy weather in Estonia.


Gina who was in Estonia to present her credentials as ambassador accredited to that country, wore a deep cut neckline Kente Kaba and Slit.

However, while inspecting the guard of honour mounted to welcome her; she decided to add a winter coat over the dress. She then stylishly completed her looks with another Kente over her shoulders as though it was a blanket.

That gave her a distinctive and unique look which many Ghanaians applauded.

The dress has been generating a lot of interest on social media with many praising the style and how she used the Kente, a colorful Ghanaian traditional fabric which is worn mostly on important occasions and celebrations.

To some people, she didn’t only make a fashion statement but also represented Ghana well by projecting the country’s rich Kente in a more unique way.

Gina who is also the Ghanaian ambassador to Germany appears to have a thing for Kente. She has been captured in a Kente inspired outfits a number of times.


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