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Franklin Graham says ‘Christians in Nigeria Are Being Brutally Slaughtered’, Urges Church Not to Turn ‘A Deaf Ear to Their Cries’

Written by | September 11, 2018 | 0
Evangelist Franklin Graham is making an impassioned plea on behalf of Nigeria’s persecuted Christians. “Christians in Nigeria are being brutally slaughtered, and they feel like the rest of the world is turning a deaf ear to their cries,” the 66-year-old head of Samaritan’s Purse wrote in a Facebook post over the weekend. It comes as ongoing violence between Christians and Muslim farmers in Nigeria’s central Plateau state continues to escalate. Related ‘ Two weeks ago, a Christian pastor, his wife, and their three sons were burned alive when Islamic herdsmen attacked their village. “Rev. Adamu Wurim Gyang and three of his children were set on fire and burned beyond

Chinese officials burn bibles, close churches, force Christian to denounce faith amid ‘escalating’ crackdown

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The Chinese government is destroying crosses, burning bibles, closing churches and forcing Christian believers to sign papers renouncing their faith as the crackdown on religious congregations in Beijing and several provinces intensifies. The suppression of religious freedoms is part of an official campaign to “Sinicize” religion by demanding loyalty to the atheist Communist party and removing any potential challenge to the party’s power in the country. “The international community should be alarmed and outraged for this blatant violation of freedom of religion and belief,” Bob Fu of China Aid, said. Bob Fu傅希秋@BobFu4China #China CCP starts burning the Bible and crosses in Henan. Last time burning Bibles campaign happened in late 1960s by dictator

California Christians Must Now Register Bibles As Assault Weapons

Written by | June 1, 2018 | 0
SACRAMENTO, CA—In a blow to believers across the west coast, a new assembly bill signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown Tuesday will require Christians in the State to register Bibles of all sizes, shapes, and translation version as “assault weapons.” Many national public safety groups and political action committees praised the new law, saying that it will foster safer and more tolerant communities and save many people from having to hear words that conflict with their own worldview presuppositions. “Really, this bill should be implemented nationwide,” proclaimed Freedom From Religion Co-President Dan Barker. “California is blazing the trail for civil rights once again, as the rest of the country lags behind. There is just no place for these dangerous Assault Bibles in a civilized

Deadly church attack kills 19 including two priests

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At least 19 people were killed Tuesday after gunmen opened fire at a church in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, police said. Two priests and 17 worshippers were killed when armed men, believed to be cattle herders, stormed a Catholic church during early morning Mass on Tuesday in a remote village in Benue state.  State police spokesman Terver Akase told CNN the attackers, thought to be Fulani herdsmen, set many homes on fire. “The herdsmen burnt nearly 50 houses during the attack and sacked the entire community, ” Akase told CNN. “We expect arrests to be made because they (attackers) are becoming more brazen,” he added. According to Akase, 10 residents were killed by armed men a few days before Tuesday’s attack. Violent clashes between the Fulani herdsmen, who are mostly Muslims, and

‘Shut Up Before We Expose Your DIRTY Secrets To Ghanaians’- Angel Obinim WARNED

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Angel Obinim has incurred the fury of a junior pastor of Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah for speaking against his boss and describing him as woman changer, in the wake of Bempah’s recent low-key wedding to one heavily endowed woman identified as Abena Anima. Passing a comment on that particular wedding, Obinim said he pities the newly-wed woman and that if she knew what was in store for her, she wouldn’t have married at all. He’d said: I heard on the news that a fellow man of God is getting married for the third time? I read in the newspapers that this is the third wife. I felt sorry for the woman because she should have thought about the previous two first. This means that if she, the third wife makes a mistake, she will also be replaced by number four, as a third wife, you should not be

Rwanda church closures: Pastors arrested for defying order

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Police in Rwanda have arrested six pastors they accuse of being the “masterminds” behind a plot to defy a government order closing churches. The suspects allegedly held “illegal meetings with bad intentions” following the closure of more than 700 churches and a mosque in the capital Kigali. The government says the structures all fail to comply with building regulations and noise pollution laws. Among those arrested was famous pastor Bishop Rugagi Innocent.  He was allegedly heard calling the decision to stop the churches from operating “abrupt”, according to the BBC’s Prudent Nsengiyumya. Rwandan police spokesman Theos Badege told news agency AFP on Tuesday the six Pentecostal preachers “conducted illegal meetings with bad intentions aimed at calling for the directives to

Rwanda closes ‘700 unsafe, noisy churches’

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About 700 churches have been closed down in Rwanda for failing to comply with building regulations and for noise pollution. Most of them are small Pentecostal churches. One mosque was also closed. A government official told the BBC that some of the more than 700 buildings shut down have already reopened after they were approved by inspectors. According to new regulations, all preachers must have had theological training before opening a church. Pentecostal churches, often run by charismatic preachers claiming to be able to perform miracles, have grown rapidly in many parts of Africa in recent years. Some are massive, attracting thousands of worshipers each Sunday, but others consist of tiny structures built without planning permission. Church leaders have at times been criticised for using

US Embassy in Jerusalem to open in May — in time for Israel’s 70th anniversary

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Trump administration officials say Congress being briefed on plans; ribbon cutting could take place on May 14 — day of independence declaration By ERIC CORTELLESSA, AP and TOI STAFF2  The US Consulate in Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood, adjoining a possible site for the US Embassy (Raphael Ahren/Times of Israel) The new US Embassy in Jerusalem will open in May 2018 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel declaring independence, two Trump administration officials said Friday. At first, the embassy will operate out of the US’s current consular premises in Arnona, south Jerusalem. The officials said Congress was being notified of the impending move on Friday. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signed off on the security plan for the new embassy on Thursday. The

WATCH: Gaza Couple Names their Triplets ‘Jerusalem,’ ‘Capital’ and ‘Palestine’

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A Gaza couple has named their newborn triplets “Jerusalem,” “Capital” and “Palestine.” Their toddler daughter was named after a notorious female terrorist. A couple from Khan Yunis, a city in the southern Gaza Strip, named their newborn triplets “Jerusalem,” “Capital” and “Palestine” in protest of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. The triplets have a two-year-old sister, Dalal Mughrabi, who was named after a notorious female Palestinian terrorist. In 1978, Mughrabi was responsible for leading a group that carried out the most lethal attack in Israeli history, murdering of 37 citizens, including 12 children, and wounding more than 70. Watch to learn more about this family. Source:unitedwithisrael.org

WATCH: The Jewish People’s Miraculous Existence!

Written by | February 14, 2018 | 0
The very survival of the Jewish people is nothing short of miraculous, as this video shows. The miraculous survival of the Jewish people and the ingathering of exiles over the past several generations points to the existence of a Divine being. The very fact that Jews exist as a nation today and have made such a meaningful contribution to civilization is testimony to the existence of God. The ingathering of the exiles, which has clearly been occurring over the last several generations with the creation and success of the modern Jewish state, is the fulfillment of the Torah’s prophecies. Watch this video and see how Jewish history proves the existence of God. Source: unitedwithisrael.org