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BUSUMURU Kofi Annan’s displayed casket EMPTY???

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There was wide disappointment among some Ghanaians who filed past the casket of the late former Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Busumuru Kofi Annan, on Tuesday, 11 September 2018. Many who expected to see him learnt with shock that the casket will not be opened for anyone.

This has led some Ghanaians to believe the unverified  claim that the body of the holder of the highly regarded title ‘Busumuru’ has been whisked yesternight to Kumasi for some special traditional ceremony.

Other comments seen by MyNewsGh.com also hold that freemasons, one of whose member Annan was, will be having their last time with their brother as they did for the late K.B Asante.

Freemasons at KB Asante’s funeral

Many Ghanaians held hopes that if they were unable to see Mr Kofi Annan when he was alive, they would at least be able to pay him their last respect by seeing him.

But their hopes were dashed when it emerged that his casket was not to be opened or his body displayed, feeding into rumours that the Asante royal has been whisked away.

Mr Annan’s casket was closed and draped with the national flag.

To dispel such concerns, Deputy Information Minister Pius Enam Hadzide explained in an interview with our counterparts, Class News that Mr Annan’s wish was to have a ‘low key’ funeral.

“There are high-profile funerals that I’ve attended that I’ve seen the casket covered even in this country and, so, it’s not a major problem; the important thing is that you see the family sitting in state, and, so, the man Kofi Annan himself is a modest person, and, so, he doesn’t want a lot of flamboyance around the funeral with a lot of frills.” He said.

“Yes, this is a state funeral, we admit, but even as we give him a befitting state funeral, we think that it is still important that we respect his wishes of keeping it a little modest, a little soft and so far, it’s been very good.

“We all know the kind of person Mr Kofi Annan [was] and I think that the way it has been arranged is just perfect. In any case, the casket is wrapped in the national flag, and, so, that is what is critical to us and maybe it is the design that makes it difficult for you to want to open it up and so on and so forth,” he stated.

Mr Kofi Annan will be buried on Thursday.

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