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A King had to die

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Filthy and poor me! What could I have become if not for the support of others? My burden has been made light because of the friends I have. Many of these friends have stood solidly behind me in times of need.

Some of them, irrespective of their faith are nonpareil. Good friends are difficult to find. Some come to our lives as small devils to spur us on. Their bickering, bigotry, criticism, deceit, and disappointments help mature us in the University of Life. Others offer us consolidating, unfailing and priceless support at times we would have despaired without them. I call them, ‘Mortal Angels’.

Permit me to share the exceptional love I received from a king. In a time when kings and leaders of the world draw strength from tormenting and sucking dry the blood of their subjects, I had a friend and king who had to die in my place. A story of such unsurpassed and unmeasured love must be told and retold.

The way and manner he unreservedly professed his love for me left me in awe. At the point, he submitted to die that humiliating and most despicable of all deaths, he asked me a question. What love is greater than the one which makes another to die in place of his friends? Certainly not one that I know of.

By these deeds, I had not only abandoned right and claim of my inheritance-Heaven but have met all the requirements deserving of my sentence to the fury furnace of everlasting fire.

Yeshua my friend and divine king could not have come at a better time. The humility with which he approached me was immense. It was hard for me to accept I could be saved. The prince of darkness made sure he continuously reminded me I was beyond redemption. How he nearly succeeded. How could I not be confused about his love? I doubted how all my unspeakable evil deeds could just be forgotten without any atonement.

I could not believe what he told me. It was a zillion times easier to accept his love than it was in serving in the dark world. King Yeshua reassured me a boundless sea of love. I just had to believe and denounce all I represented. I had to!! The sentence that the world burdened me with, he shouldered it. All my iniquities, my transgressions he accepted. From a distance, I watched with distaste, the scorning and pelting.

I could see the wounds, the disfigured body, the spear serrating his rips and the oasis of blood spurting out. I observed with uttermost regret what I had done for which reason Yeshua had to die. I, however, could not weep.  I heard him asked those weeping for him that they should rather weep for themselves and their children.  What truly is the value of tears if I reneged on the promise I gave the king? What would be the essence of his death if I fail to accept that his death was meant for my redemption?

As I recall his suffering especially as the anniversary of his passing and resurrection draws near, I have to make straight the crooked roads of my life and level every gully of heinousness. The king should meet me doing what I promised I would for he has, on his departure, cautioned that those who hear his voice and yet still, hardened their hearts would not be spared. For that day, will certainly come when even the toothless would be provided teeth for they that failed to believe and truly repent would wail, and gnash their teeth.



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